Friday, 14 October 2016

If I Was A ......

If I Was A Book

If I was a book I would be that one-
The old worn book read a thousand times and passed through generations of family. The one that was small with a red velvet cover. One that’s time had been, but was yet to come. If I was a book that is what I would be.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

The Final - Reptember


Face to dirt
Arms stretched
Body tense
Toes bent
Body pushing
Muscles giving way
Body meeting dirt
Oh no 19 push-ups left to go!

Body star shaped
Legs stretched
Hands stinging
Arms numbing
Core muscles burning
Feet hurting
Neck jolting
Huh this is so tiring.

Legs aching
Head pounding
Arms pulling
Neck hurting
Eyes squinting
Body tiring
Feet falling
I won’t make it through this.

Legs raising
Arms lifting
Body shaking
Back holding
Toes pointed
Knees bent
Body straight
What’s an excuse to get out of this?

Arms reaching
Body bending
Legs numbing
Feet pressing
Hands outstretched
Neck aching
Eyes looking
Everyone else can do it. So can I!

Arms pumping
Legs blurring
Hair flying
Hands clenched
Body moving
Forehead hurting
Feet throbbing
I made it!!!!!

By Hollie Raven

Monday, 11 April 2016

Camp Report

Kids survive camp out in mountains!

On the 21st of March a group of 27 kids set out to camp in the mountains. One said “I am so excited to be going on this trip. I’ve never done anything like it” They had to do very energetic activities. These are them in order of what they did. White Water Rafting, Pioneering, Horse Riding, Archery, Air Shooting and the Mud Run. Let’s not forget the river testing the reason they went. I was included in the activities so I was able to do a more clear report. 

So let’s start with the rafting. It was a tiring 5 hours but the time was worth it. We had been split in to 4 rafts each with 8 seats in them. My raft had been the smallest group with just 6 kids and 2 adults. We had to think of a name and the group came up with Rapid Rafters. Later on we made up a chant with went “Rapid Rafters are the best. Better than all of the rest.” which we sang whenever we passed another group. The group I was in had the most experienced raft guide so we were able to go down rapids sideways and backwards though no one is allowed to go down the biggest one like that because the rafts slip up a rock afterwards so it could tip and we would all fall out. When we got to the end everyone in my raft was allowed to steer it and I was 3rd. It was much harder than what we thought so we didn’t get much time to. When Neesha was steering I spotted one of the booties that we all had to wear for protection. We also had life jacket,helmet and wetsuit all for safety. Tamsen choose to wear a polar fleece but “was sweltering the whole time.” 

Next day I did the Pioneering first. I found it interesting that the bridge we made was strong enough to hold everyone who crossed it.

Then the group I was with had Horse Riding. That was something new. I think my best moment reporting at camp was swinging my leg over the Elvis my horse because I had dreamed of doing that ever since I had ridden a elephant when I was little.

When I did the white water rafting I think the mistake I made was when I was guide. I told everyone their seating arrangments because I had seen what happened to the other people guiding. White water rafting was my fav activity along with Horse Riding. 

I showed my values in the mud run we did after archery and shooting. They were Resilience and Excellence. I hated the mud run but kept on going and I am glad I did because I got to do the lake walk. At that activity we had to walk across a lake that was a 5 metres deep on a strong wire with another one to hold on to. I couldn't keep my feet on the wire so I had to swim. Then I went back to help Claudia so I swam across 3 times. Then I had to help Neesha because she couldn't reach the top wire so I swam a total of 5 times across the lake.By Hollie Raven



Screenshot 2016-03-16 at 11.58.25.png

Hollie's Mihi Mihi

My Mihi Mihi
Tena koe
Tena koutou
Ko Hollie Raven ahau
No Havelock North ahau
Ko Te Mata te maunga

Ko Tukituki te awa
Ko HNPS te kura
Kei te mihi
Tena tatou katoa

Hello to one person
Hello to three people or more
My name is Hollie Raven
I reside in Havelock North.
My mountain is Te Mata Peak.

My river is Tuki tuki.
HNPS is the name of my school.
Greetings to you all.

Good health to us all.

Camp challenges