Wednesday, 7 September 2016

The Final - Reptember


Face to dirt
Arms stretched
Body tense
Toes bent
Body pushing
Muscles giving way
Body meeting dirt
Oh no 19 push-ups left to go!

Body star shaped
Legs stretched
Hands stinging
Arms numbing
Core muscles burning
Feet hurting
Neck jolting
Huh this is so tiring.

Legs aching
Head pounding
Arms pulling
Neck hurting
Eyes squinting
Body tiring
Feet falling
I won’t make it through this.

Legs raising
Arms lifting
Body shaking
Back holding
Toes pointed
Knees bent
Body straight
What’s an excuse to get out of this?

Arms reaching
Body bending
Legs numbing
Feet pressing
Hands outstretched
Neck aching
Eyes looking
Everyone else can do it. So can I!

Arms pumping
Legs blurring
Hair flying
Hands clenched
Body moving
Forehead hurting
Feet throbbing
I made it!!!!!

By Hollie Raven

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